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Fuel Marketing Corporation is a family-owned and operated business. Established in 1979, Fuel Marketing has been marketing and distributing alternative fuels for over 37 years. In 1979, we began offering alternative fuels to meet our customers' needs. Fuel Marketing works aggressively to meet the challenges of today's markets and the alternative fuel needs of the Midwest.

Fuel Marketing logoOur Commitment To You

We are committed to meeting our customers' fuel needs by providing them with the best product service, including the most economical price options and uninterrupted supply. We are committed to alternative fuels because we have seen the money-saving results. We want to make alternative fuels work for our customers.

Fuel Marketing logoEthanol

Ethanol is a clean burning, renewable, domestically produced fuel additive made from fermented agricultural products such as corn. Ethanol contains oxygen, which helps gasoline burn cleaner and more efficiently, reducing emissions. It is domestically produced from agricultural products, which makes the use of Ethanol-blended fuels one of the best ways to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.

There are numerous financial incentives to be obtained from blending ethanol, including a 51 cent refund through the IRS on every gallon of Ethanol purchased.

Under exclusive marketing agreements, Fuel Marketing has been offering Ethanol to its customers for close to 30 years. Quality product and quality control is always at the forefront of Ethanol offered by Fuel Marketing. By meeting and exceeding current standards, Fuel Marketing continues to provide the best in Ethanol quality.

Fuel Marketing logoBiodiesel

Biodiesel, meeting ASTM D6751 specification, is a cleaner-burning alternative fuel produced from any vegetable oil or animal fat. For example, it can be produced from soybeans, rapeseed, palm methyl ester, animal fats, or yellow greases. Biodiesel demonstrates similar fuel economy, horsepower, and torque as petroleum diesel, yet it contains no petroleum. This alternative fuel is biodegradable, non-toxic, and essentially free of sulfur.

Under exclusive marketing agreements, Fuel Marketing now offers biodiesel. This allows us to meet our customers' evolving needs so they stay current with economic and industry trends. Quality product and quality control is always at the forefront of Biodiesel offered by Fuel Marketing. By meeting and exceeding current ASTM D6751 standards, Fuel Marketing provides the best in Biodiesel quality.