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rail spur - willow springs, missouri

Our Willow Springs MO rail spur, one of several company-owned rail facilities, serves a dual purpose - that of providing storage and distribution of not only ethanol, but also of asphalt product. There are currently two loading racks, one for ethanol, and another for asphalt.  Following are some images showing the asphalt side of our Willow Springs facility.  (Click any image to view at full-size.)

A north-facing view of the asphalt loading rack among several of our 30,000 gallon asphalt product tanks.
A south-facing view of the asphalt loading rack, with truck scale in the foreground.
Three of our 420,000 gallon asphalt product tanks.
An asphalt railcar, connected to the heating network as it awaits unloading.
Several railcars lined up, awaiting unload of inventory for another busy asphalt season.