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  • PG 64-22
  • PG 58-28
  • PG 70-28
  • PG 76-28
  • MC-30
  • MC-70
  • MC-250
  • MC-800
  • MC-3000


Chip ‘n Seal: A procedure that is to restore asphalt surfaces by spraying over old surface with new asphalt and adding chips as a wearing course.
Ex: CRS-2, CRS-2P, EA-90, EA 90P, MC-3000, MC-800

Cold Mixes: Mixes of asphalt and aggregate that are produced without preheating the aggregate. Cold mixes are used for filling potholes, ruts, and other rough areas in the roadway.
Ex: EA-300, MC-250

Prime Coats: Products used for preparing a new road surface for paving or a chip ‘n seal.
Ex: MC-30

Scrub Seal: A procedure similar to a chip ‘n seal, it seals cracks in existing pavement and regenerates existing roadways.
Ex: CRS-2, CRS-2P, EA-90, EA-90P

Anionic: Identifies that the product has an electro-negative charge. Indicated with an “A.” 

Cationic: Identifies that the product has an electro-positive charge. Indicated with a “C.” 

NOTE: The charge of the product is important to know so that one does not mix the same charge aggregate. Think of it as trying to push two magnets together that have the same charge - they will not go together. But take two that have different charges and they will stick to each other. The same reaction occurs with the asphalt emulsions and the aggregates. 

Cutbacks: Asphalt products that have been blended with dilutants. No water is added, therefore they are also known as dry products. Ex: MC-800, MC-3000.

Emulsified: Indicates that water has been added to the asphalt cement. Indicated with an “E.”

Emulsions: Asphalt products that have had water bonded to the asphalt cement, through the milling process. Since water is added, they are also known as wet products. 

Medium Set: Indicates that the product will cure at a medium rate. Indicated with an “MS.”

Number 1 or 2: Indicates the viscosity of the product. A 1 indicates a thinner product, 2 a thicker product. 

Polymers: Rubber or rubber-like products that can be added in the emulsion process. Indicated with a “P,”
“S,” or “L.”

Penetration: Indicates the hardness of the product at 77 degrees F. A product that has a harder penetration is indicated with an “H.” 

Rapid Set: Indicates that the product will cure at a fast rate. Indicated with an “RS.”

Slow Set: Indicates that the product will cure at a slow rate. Indicated with an “SS.”

Coastal Energy manufactures and sells a variety of asphalt oils for road contractors, waterproofing contractors, and city, state, and county government agencies. Products are used in the pavement preservation and maintenance of asphalt roads, building and resurfacing asphalt highway systems, and waterproofing building foundations and wall surfaces.

Conveniently located with plants across the Midwest, Coastal Energy is dedicated to providing a comprehensive slate of products and world-class customer service. We also offer multiple rail locations with service on BN, UP, A & M, FSR, and Farm Rail. FMC Transport, our in-house transportation division, is a common carrier of petroleum-based products, including asphalt/emulsions. With 24/7 on-call dispatch, Coastal Energy and FMC Transport are committed to a great customer experience with every load.

Products available by plant location

Products are available for pickup at the plant locations or can be delivered to the job site in 5,500-gallon loads.


  • PG 64-22
  • PG 58-28
  • PG 46-34
  • PG 64-28
  • PG 64-22V
  • PG 64-22H
  • PG 70-22
  • PG 76-22
  • MC-800
  • CRS-2

Coastal Energy Corporation


  • SS-1
  • CSS-1
  • CRS-2, 1H
  • CRS-2P, 2S
  • CRS-2L, 1 HP
  • SS-1LT
  • CMS-1
  • EA-90
  • EA-90P
  • EA-300
  • EA-150
  • CHFRS-2P
  • CQS1F
  • AC-20
  • MC-30, 70
  • MC-250, 800
  • MC-3000


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